Temple Information

5803 Lynn Road, Tampa, Florida. 33624
Tel: (813) 269 RAMA (7262)
Tax ID 82-0553790

For information on the temple and rental – Please call Dr. Sadhana  Ramcharran at: 727-798-4258 or email drshah@americanprimarycare.com

MJ Jaimangal – 727-946-8144 or email – sakeemj@live.com

Priests: Pandit Kapil Dev –  718-530-4026

Temple Hours:
Sunday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm


See Map

Click on this link to Mapquest. Once on the MapQest site, you will see a section for “Start” and “End”. In the “Start” area, you add your address or the address you are leaving from. In the “End” area you place the Hindu Temple address (provided on this page). Then you click “Get Directions” and you can either use a map or explicit written directions to make your way to the Hindu Temple.