Our Priest

Pandit Lal B. Singh:

Vishnu Mandir, Tampa welcomes our new fulltime priest Pt. Lal B. Singh.  Pt. will be at the temple daily to perform morning and evening prayers and to perform special pujas for our community.

Pt. Lal Singh has spent most of his adult life in London, England. While focusing on his ministry, he also served as a Head Priest and Spiritual Leader for the Shri Maha Devi Mandir. He has lead spiritual retreats, kirtan, discourses and counseling for his devotees.

Before dedicating his life to being a full time priest, Pt. Lal Singh was senior manager with the Aurum Group PLC, a large jewelry organization based in London, England.

Pt. Lal is well traveled and trained. He has been a practicing as a priest engaging with the Hindu community in the UK, New York, Miami and Canada. He completed his formal training in 2005 and was ordained as a pandit on the 23rd March at the Shri Maha Kali Davie Mandir, New York.

Pt. Lal will be available to conduct service daily and every first Sunday service of the month and to support the community in their hour of need at bereavements and with funereal rights according to Sanatan Dharma and to perform weddings, christenings and various Devi, Devtaum poojas, Aarti and Satsang and to provide counseling to broken families and also supporting individuals through troubled time.

Pt. is married to Sandya and has one son Ravin age 10.

The leadership, devotees and community would like to welcome Pt. Lal Singh and family to Vishnu Mandir and to Tampa Bay.